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4000 KIA: Brought To You By George W. Bush

Civilian Deaths, Military Deaths…no end in sight.

No one would argue that this war has not come at a high cost in lives and treasure — but those costs are necessary when we consider the cost of a strategic victory for our enemies in Iraq.
Perhaps the President’s definition of victory is different from the one that […]

Body of War

This week’s Bill Moyers Journal is devoted entirely to the documentary entitled Body of War. It was co-directed by Phil Donohue and Ellen Spiro. Its about the War in Iraq and one soldiers nightmare, Tomas Young, who was shot and paralyzed less than a week into his tour of duty. He is paralyzed from his […]

The True Cost of the War in Iraq.

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Iraqmire: Five Glorious Years

Where did the time go? It’s been almost five years since we liberated the Iraqi people. And what a cakewalk it was. Our soldiers were greeted as liberators. They were showered with candy and ice cream by throngs of grateful Iraqis. Democracy and prosperity have been blossoming throughout the Middle East ever since then. And […]

This Just In: George W. Bush is a Lying M#$%&$F#!$%&

If you have at least two brain cells to rub together, you’ve already known this since 2002 if not before.
For me that moment of clarity (or “DUUHH” moment, whatever you want to call it) occurred during the summer of 2002. The Enron and Harken (Bush’s former company) scandals were all over the headlines. Bush made […]

Bill O’Reilly Is Clueless or Lying . . . Who Knew?

People who pay attention to either veterans’ affairs or the problem of homelessness have known since the closing years of the Vietnam War that veterans had become homeless in numbers much larger than their share of the population. At times as many as a third of the homeless have been vets. Most often […]

If The President Was Regularly Putting Your Family Members In The Grave For No Reason, You Would Start To Sour On His Agenda Sooner Than Later, No?

The military families I know have had a strong distaste for Bush and his cronies for a great long while. It’s not enough that he’s “all hat and no cattle,” but he’s putting people into harms way for no real legitimate reason and continues to toss good money after bad to the tune of billions […]

Supporting the Troops – the Saga Continues

The Shrub team gives us another demonstratio n of multitasking  , here tackling two campaign themes at once – supporting the troops and making education a priority, too. The rest of us can only stand in humble awe:
“The 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard returned recently from extended duty in Iraq, which was […]

Whom Can We Trust?

If we cannot trust our existing government to lead us, or even the intelligence that our president uses to go to war, whom can we trust? The DoD?
At least 20,000 U.S. troops who were not classified as wounded during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have been found with signs of brain injuries, according to […]

No Heroes For Our Vets

With President Bush flinging blame anywhere but at himself, we find no heroes for our vets this Veterans Day:
Congress can also meet its responsibili ty to our veterans by passing a clean Veterans Affairs appropriatio ns bill. Unfortunatel y, Congressiona l leaders let the fiscal year end without passing this bill they know our veterans […]