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Iraqmire: Five Glorious Years

Where did the time go? It’s been almost five years since we liberated the Iraqi people. And what a cakewalk it was. Our soldiers were greeted as liberators. They were showered with candy and ice cream by throngs of grateful Iraqis. Democracy and prosperity have been blossoming throughout the Middle East ever since then. And […]

Chickenhawks: What Makes Them Tick

Whatever you want to call them — Chickenhawks  , Keyboard Warriors, the Chairborne Division — this species has been with us for a long time.
This article by Glenn Greenwald offers a glimpse into that pitiful mindset. There’s nothing new about today’s armchair warrior who bravely fights Evil and Terror from behind his computer console. In […]

Iraqi War: What is it Good For?

Iraqmire — the gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to our soldiers’ long tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan — and too short a rest period between tours — America’s military readiness has been jeopardized. Our military forces are now less prepared to respond to a new crisis.
The Pentagon wants to improve this situation […]

The Sun Never Sets on the American Empire

The February 2008 issue of American Legion Magazine has an article entitled “Over There: Where In The Word We Are” by Alan W. Dowd. The article isn’t available online yet. The author has a website here. His earlier articles are accessible but not this current one.
The United States has nearly half a million troops stationed […]

This Just In: George W. Bush is a Lying M#$%&$F#!$%&

If you have at least two brain cells to rub together, you’ve already known this since 2002 if not before.
For me that moment of clarity (or “DUUHH” moment, whatever you want to call it) occurred during the summer of 2002. The Enron and Harken (Bush’s former company) scandals were all over the headlines. Bush made […]

Vietnam, Iraq and Iran: Government Deception Then and Now

There are two recent news items that reveal the American government s lies and dirty tricks during the 1960s. You might notice a few parallels between our government sleaze in Vietnam and Latin America and the current manufactured hysteria over Iraq and Iran.
This report shows some of the trickery played by both sides during the […]

Iran Attacks!!

See, this is what happens when we DON’T stage a pre-emptive attack on an enemy. Is this enough evidence for you liberal pansies? Do you peacenik pussies finally Get It???
Decent Americans have always known that Iran has Weapons of Mass Destruction, is closely allied with Osama bin Laden and masterminded the September 11th attacks. But […]

The New Hip Military Recruiter: “Dude! Yo, ‘Sup?”

Military Recruiter must be the most thankless job in the country right now. If you don’t meet certain recruitment quotas you go back to the front lines. But who in the F#$%&!#! would want to enlist now? Even those ever-reliabl e minorities are staying away in droves.
They keep raising the age limit and lowering their […]

The Incredible Shrinking Coalition of the Willing

Now now, we shouldn’t be making fun of George W. Bush’s Coalition of the Willing that keeps on shrinking and shrinking. It was in the pool!
At its peak in 2004, the Coalition of the Willing consisted of 25,000 troops from 32 countries. Now it’s shrunk down to 11,000 troops from 26 countries. As Mark Russell […]

U.S. Navy’s New Goal: Using Military Power to PREVENT War

Good God, a bunch of leftwing girlymen have taken over the U.S. Navy! Preventing wars??? Will Halliburton and Exxon even permit this?
The new strategy of the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard states: “”We believe that preventing wars is as important as winning wars.” But, but look at all those ignorant primitive Third World countries […]