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Ever wonder how it happened…

that that Lancet study concluded that 650,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the invasion of Iraq when the consensus estimate at the time was closer to one tenth that amount? Ever wonder how something like 1,000 Iraqis could be dying each day without anyone noticing more than nine tenths of those deaths? Ever […]

How Bush, Rumsfeld, Petraeus and the Iraqi people defeated Al Qaeda and won the war

Okay, I admit to being prematurely optimistic with those last three words but it really does seem as though, whereas at this time last year it looked as though there was no way we could win in Iraq, today it looks to me as though there’s no way we can lose there. As to the […]

Mission Accomplished

Or so says whoever wrote the headline to Bartle Bull’s lengthy essay in the British, center-left magazine, Prospect. The author’s actual contention is more realistic. He writes [italics and bolding added]:
The mission in Iraq may be on the way to being accomplished  , but it has clearly been imperfect and costly. At least 80,000 and […]

Was Murtha wrong to call the Haditha killings “cold-blooded murders”?

If it is true that “after an investigatio n, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute“, today, after far more investigatio n than that upon which Representati ve Murtha based his “cold-bloode d murder” charge, upon what in God’s name did Murtha base the charge, other than the political calculation that such the charge would […]

We’re still struggling in Iraq

because we didn’t send Chuck Norris. Bush’s greatest mistake.

Remember those shocking stories

about soldiers cruelly mocking a woman whose face had been disfigured by an ied, inhumanely running over dogs in a Bradley vehicle, and disrespectfu lly treating remains found in a grave? Well, after further consideratio n: maybe; then again, maybe not.
Further investigatio n by The New Republic has shown that the first story took place […]