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While Voting To Keep Troops On Extended Tours In Iraq, Republicans Denounce Ad As “Outrageous”

Republicans in the Senate blocked legislation that would have increased the amount of time that troops spend out of Iraq by requiring that they spend the same amount of time back home training as they do on deployment. Currently, troop combat tours are about 15 months with a 12 month stint back at home. Although […]

Deluded Bush Using Vietnam War To Prop Up Iraq War

Talk about twisting the past to perpetuate a twisted present…talk about having no capacity to draw from the lessons of history…talk about a clear cut case of crazy…
 In a speech yesterday at the VFW convention, President Bush used the Vietnem War as an example of why America shouldn’t withdraw from Iraq. I’ll try to disseminate.

Missing Weapons or Arming The Opposition?

For all the chatter about supporting the troops, you’d think this government would do a better job of making sure they do all they can to protect men and women sent into war. Sadly, we know that this isn’t the case.  We’ve heard about lack of body armor. We’ve heard about poorly armored vehicles. We’ve […]

US General Says Troops Must Stay In Iraq At Least Until Summer 2008

Maj. Gen. Richard Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, says that if the U.S. troop buildup in Iraq is reversed before the summer of 2008, the military will risk giving up the security gains it has achieved at a cost of hundreds of American lives over the past six months.
“It’s going to take through […]

More Troop Support From Bush

We all know how much this president likes to play the “I support our troops” card, even in the face of all contradictor y evidence. Well, here’s another bit of ‘love’ the president has to offer our armed forces members- Bush is opposing key military and pay benefit increases that the Congress has inserted into […]

House Passes Troop Withdrawal Bill

On the heels of an interim report from Iraq that shows fewer than half of the “benchmark goals” being met by the Iraqi government, The US House of Representati ves passed legislation that would require a withdrawal of nearly all US troops by Aprpil 1, 2008.
While this is sure to get a veto from Bush, […]

Soldiers Bragging Of Torture & Rape- This Makes Me Sick


What’s The Deal With Chertoff’s “Gut Feeling”

Why is a country that has spent billions of dollars supposedly beefing up security and hundreds of billions more launching foreign wars against (uh-uhm) terrorism abroad suddenly reduced to “gut feelings” about whether or not they are at risk of terror attacks at home? Did somebody lose the stoplight of terror posters?
Speaking yesterday, DHS head Michael […]

Interim Progress Report On Surge Plan In Iraq Will Say None Of Iraq’s Goals Met

But we know that Bush will ignore all of that and still insist on pushing ahead with the surge debacle.
In fact, in a speech today in Cleveland, Ohio, Bush had this to say:

Iraq Government Tell Citizens To Arm Themselves-Can We Finally Agree That A Civil War Is At Hand?

I’m not sure what more evidence those firmly behind Bush’s Iraq War plans need to convince themselves that the whole debacle is a failed enterprise, if they can ever be convinced at all that is, but the news that top Iraqi government officials have called for ordinary Iraqi citizens to arm and protect themselves has […]