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Terror in America

The current administrati on position is that waterboardin g is not torture. Waterboardin g is merely a method for extracting information from a terrorist. Am I the only person confused here?
Waterboardin g is a method of making a suspect believe that he is about to die by drowning. The panic induced will apparently make a […]

Fear Not

In a continued look at values I thought that I might bring up the number one value that separates conservative s from liberals - fear.

A Sad Saga

Conflict is ever present throughout the world. Besides the Pax Romana, I don’t believe that there has ever been a period of time when the world was not in conflict. The only reason for this peace, was because the power of Rome was so strong that no one attempted to challenge their control. It wasn’t […]

If They Could Kill Me

“If they could kill me, then I want the government to do anything they can do to put a stop to them.”

Marketing 101

When a person decides that he wants to be elected he begins to figure out how to market himself. Most politicians find that they have an advantage when they emphasize their good qualities while they de-emphasize their “less than good” qualities. A person also needs to get those “good” qualities seen, while avoiding any revelation […]

Truth Hurts

In less than a month General David H. Petraeus is supposed to tell congress what the situation is in Iraq. People on the ground in Iraq already have a very good idea as to what is going on. The strategy for the last eight months has been to increase the troop strength in Iraq in […]

Fighting the Good Fight

Even to this day many supporters of the Iraq War contend that the war is an effort to battle terrorism. The confusing statements from the Bush administrati on prodded the naïve to believe that Saddam Hussein was behind the 9/11/2001 attacks on New York and Washington. The more savvy supporters of this aggression believed that […]

Fear Again and Fear More

Crawling through the jungle in Southeast Asia might heighten your senses. Knowing that besides the poison offered by nature there are also dangers in the form of a human enemy moving with stealth through the jungle piques the senses even higher. The heightened sensitivity of ones senses in these circumstance s is due to the […]

Think Outside the Box!

As we should all know by now, George W Bush started the War in Iraq so that we could fight al Qaeda there. They weren’t there to begin, but our wise President knew that and he had the patience to wait for them to follow us there. After all, we couldn’t just protect the American […]