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One Unforeseen Crisis Away From A Military Draft?

The fact that the bulk of the American public’s military assessments are filtered through the prism of the powers that be…a la the Bush administrati on…can be rather misleading and may well engender a false sense of security. Implied in these assessments is an assurance that our nation is being sufficiently protected from harm. It’s […]

2007 Deadliest Year In Iraq: Defining A Successful Surge?

It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric that seeks to explain the status of the war in Iraq. Opponents and apologists alike work tirelessly to find the ammunition necessary to support their positions…ye t only two thing remains a constant…the war continues and the deaths it creates are tallied.
Our latest preoccupatio n is […]

The Surge: What Happens If The Spigot Is Broken?

If you want to understand the grim situation in Iraq, you need to read the following excerpt…at least once…maybe twice. Keep in mind that we’re talking about the oil produced in the Kurdish region of Iraq…the region that is almost always referred to as the most secure and peaceful region in Iraq. Unfortunatel y, getting […]

Pentagon Drops Stink Bomb On Petraeus Report?

I’ve decided to tattoo the word “stupid” on my forehead. I’ve been considering it throughout the last four plus years of being treated as such by the Bush administrati on. As soon as I get my tattoo, I’m signing up to become one of the live moles in a new carnival game called human whack-a-mole […]

Two Holes In The Head Count As One Per The Bush

As we wait with bated breath for the Petraeus report on the troop surge and progress in Iraq, the Bush administrati on appears to be busy redefining the manner in which the facts are gathered. If it weren’t so clearly true, it may well be unfathomable …but then when it comes to George Bush…anythin g […]

Carrying George Bush’s Water: GAO Shoots Holes In Bucket

Oh I just can’t wait for the good news…you know…the good news about the success of the surge and the progress being made on the political front in Iraq. With every nugget of good news, the Bush administrati on apologists race to report the shifting tide while also chiding the defeatist Democrats. You have to […]

Understanding Iraq…One Analogy At A Time

As I read the summaries of the latest National Intelligence Estimate, I found myself lacking for words to explain my ongoing frustration with the utter mismanagemen t and growing futility that seems to plague this misguided war in Iraq.
Instead of offering more of the same criticisms, I decided to make my commentary a creative […]

A Cynical View Of GWB’s Comments On The Maliki Government

It seems that many observers were surprised by the President’s remarks on the Maliki government. In his comments, the President indicated that the progress of the Maliki government was insufficient . He also signaled he would accept the replacement of the embattled leader if it were the will of the Iraqi people.
I’ll offer my […]

Petraeus: 190,000 Lost Weapons A Clerical Error

In a follow up to Monday’s report which stated that the United States could not account for 190,000 weapons provided to Iraqi security forces, General David Petraeus told Alan Colmes of Fox News Radio that the loss resulted from inadequate accounting practices.
As I read the General’s contention, it seems that the U.S. military is […]

Does Basra Tell Us What To Expect In Iraq?

Those looking to understand the impact of the latest troop surge in Iraq might want to review the situation in Basra, the southern city previously occupied by British forces and frequently referred to as a model for the progress sought throughout the country. Unfortunatel y, in the aftermath of the drawdown of troops, Basra has […]