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Ever wonder how it happened…

that that Lancet study concluded that 650,000 Iraqis had died as a result of the invasion of Iraq when the consensus estimate at the time was closer to one tenth that amount? Ever wonder how something like 1,000 Iraqis could be dying each day without anyone noticing more than nine tenths of those deaths? Ever wonder? I did.

Well the answer could be that almost half the funds for the “scientific” study came from anti-war, far-left George Soros and the study was led by a guy who was reportedly against the war from the beginning.

And if you’re against the Iraq war and are saying to yourself, “So what? That doesn’t mean that the study is bogus.” Ask yourself what you think of studies by scientists who arive at the conclusion that human beings are adding little to the warming of the global climate when you hear that their studies were partially funded by some oil company. Then tell me that the identity of the donors and the study’s author’s position on the very subject of their study says nothing about the reliability of the study’s conclusions in your mind.

I mean, sure, it’s possible that the fact that the study’s results were orders of magnitude higher than any other sources’ estimates is nothing more than a happy coincidence with the beliefs of the man who was a major funder and of the lead author…

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One Response to “Ever wonder how it happened…”

  1. Hmm. Interesting - I’d heard of the study but didn’t know this. You’re right, in judging the integrity of any study, especially if its results are surprising, it’s important to follow the money, as well as to look at the methods used and see whether it was flawed. For the Lancet study, someone should go over the Lancet study with a magnifying glass; if the methodology looks sound, they should replicate the study and see whether they get similar results.

    In a lot of cases, like the estimates of crowd sizes at political demonstratio ns, the findings of the government and the organizers are wildly different, often by a factor of about ten to one as in this case, and it turns out that the real number is about three times the government’s number and about a third of the number reported by the anti-establi shment groups. That might be a reasonable outcome in this situation too.

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