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Iran Attacks!!

See, this is what happens when we DON’T stage a pre-emptive attack on an enemy. Is this enough evidence for you liberal pansies? Do you peacenik pussies finally Get It???

Decent Americans have always known that Iran has Weapons of Mass Destruction, is closely allied with Osama bin Laden and masterminded the September 11th attacks. But those F#$%&@! Surrender Monkeys keep tying the hands of our Commander-in -Chief.

Maybe NOW we’ll finally have an excuse to do what we have to do: take out those swarthy furriners once and for all.

We can’t even send three U.S. Navy ships into the Persian Gulf without being harassed by — uh, Persians…[sc ratches head]…of course, if three Persian Navy ships came sailing into the Caribbean… well, uhh…ahem there’s no comparison nothing to see here…

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3 Responses to “Iran Attacks!!”

  1. Very interesting. Was there a point to any of that screed?

  2. Craig, i assume Tom was suggesting that Dick Cheney might have this reaction to recent developments in the Persian Gulf. Somehow is it comforting to know that these guys have squandered the military of this country and nothing is left to take offensive action. Come to think of it, they did not have the forces to take Iraq by the methods recommended by military leaders. O shit.

  3. Oh brother… Where is Sandy when you need her?

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