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The President Has A Sick Sense Of Humor

The man makes me ill. Sometimes his ten-gallon-a ll-hat-and-n o-cattle mentality leaves me feeling like he is vapid and arrogant all at the same time. His humor reveals how callous and shallow he really is. Remember, “what is said in jest is oft meant in leisure.”

Here’s his response to the only question asked of him today while he was on another Presidential Propaganda Catapulting Mission in Omaha Nebraska (leaving an hour before a local terrorist took his own brand of sick and twisted logic to a mall):

Q Iran’s President said the NIE is a victory for Iran. They want an apology from the United States, and compensation  , sir. Will you do that? Is the NIE a victory for Iran?

THE PRESIDENT: (Laughter.) You can mark down I chuckled.

Nice, sensitive man, the President. Granted the question was rather stupid, but the answer was equally such. Makes me want to wretch.

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12 Responses to “The President Has A Sick Sense Of Humor”

  1. wait until i get Steve’s hat. its use to holding the kind of stuff most of us wretch.

  2. What’s my hat have to do with anything? It’s just an old golf hat… faded blue.

    Anyway, our powerful, supreme lord cracks a joke and you don’t laugh because of the “seriousness ” of it? Iran is a joke and until it gets new leadership it will always be a joke. I hope we don’t bomb it. I want to see it isolated so I can laugh…

  3. When you look up “ignorant” in the dictionary, it has a picture of Shrub’s face.

    The man is too stupid to even know how stupid he is.

    When someone describes a new fact of reality to him (like there are three competing tribes in Iraq after he started bombing the hell out of the country), he spreads the new fact at news conferences like it’s a gem that only he has discovered.

    How his wife, arguably far more intelligent and curious, puts up with his borderline-r etarded-ness is a mystery to me.

  4. It’s all Hillary’s fault.

  5. What part of going to war with Iran and “all options are on the table” is not serious, Steve? What part of the idea of carpet bombing a whole nation because W’s diplomacy is a fail and moribund state because he has Condi leading it is a joke? When a person laughs at the misery of another person, I don’t believe that there is a shred of decency or Christian goodness in them. Certainly, the W, Rove and Co has proven that our days as the global bully are over. And we should be glad for it.

    Lisa - Wahoo! the Repubs can always blame shit on the next president and even better if it’s a Clinton.

  6. Wind-Not half as much as Bush blaming. :)

  7. Clinton as President? Which one is the anti-Christ, her or Mitt?

  8. Steve,

    All along I thought you were trying to dive into a serious conversation . I should have realized you are tending toward the Rovian strategy of deflect with nonsense and/or charged subject matter rather than use solid logic and cool rhetoric to argue a point.

    Thanks for the chuckle, regardless.

  9. I like the way you call a teenager with psychologica l problems a “local terorist”?

  10. You’ve seen the faces in the news - they seemed genuinely terrified, no?

  11. P.S. Isn’t the intended outcome of terrorism and terrorist behavior just that: terrified people? If that’s not in the base definition, what is?

  12. Yes it is and I am sure that’s exactly what you meant when you called it that.

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