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Simple Simon Was The…President?

If you ask me, we shouldn’t speculate and guess about certain intelligence facts and use that as a basis to take our country to war with Iran. That’s a fool’s bet, much like Iraq was and is.

Just ask yourself how many billions of dollars are being borrowed as a future tax on your grandchildre n’s grandchildre n for the president’s Iraq “Freedom Spreading Experiment.” Can you fathom how much it would cost to open up a can o’ whoop ass on Iran? Can we afford it?

I don’t think we aught to double down, particularly because we are already owning the loan sharks from China a sizable chunk of our per capita income for generations to come. It would suck if China calls in the marker because they would most certainly have to break our knee caps just for Iraq alone. Lastly, I wouldn’t want to send our GIs into harms way when OBL isn’t any where close to Iran, or is he? Hell, why haven’t we brought him in for justice? Could it be we are too distracted by Iraq?

Well, if we take the simpleton logic that our president uses to make decisions, we are going in some time before the end of his term is up.

Look, Iran was dangerous, Iran is dangerous, and Iran will be dangerous if they have the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon.

What a fool. Any one with internet access can acquire the knowledge to make nuclear weapons. By his measure, the bombing should “start in five minutes.”

Are you ready to double down on the Middle East with our blood, sweat, tears, and payola (read hard earned and easily forfited taxpayer dollars) based on the word of a president who’s logic is as sophomoric as Simple Simon?  Remember who the poster children for WMD in Iraq were?
Not in my name!

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6 Responses to “Simple Simon Was The…President?”

  1. Funny how Republicans like to “borrow” on saving our kids future where Democrats like to “tax” to save our kids future…

  2. How is our kid’s future saved by anything W is doing?

    And what’s the difference between a tax now or a tax later?

    Obviously you are a fan of the credit card society that is ballooning our own wallets and seem to think that it’s okay to do the same with the National Treasury.

    You can try to paint taxing to pay for the war now as bad, and I would agree. We shouldn’t be in the war for profit business at all. Being in Iraq was foolish to begin with and every good dollar tossed into the big kitty liter box that is Iraq is wasted as good money after bad is not the right philosophy for “saving” America.

    In fact, the borrowing for the future is worse than taxing to pay for it now because it comes with a high interest rate. Better to pay now than later, but the fact we can’t afford it either way doesn’t seem to concern some individuals, now does it, Steve?

    Either way, the future for our children is more grim from the long term ramification s of George Bush’s presidency than it every has been. I don’t view any of their actions as saving America, not on iota.

  3. I wouldn’t know but then again I don’t have any credit card debt… But I didn’t have 300K to plunk down on a house so I borrowed for it. Is that a freaking crime?

    How high is that interest rate by the way? 5-6%

  4. Steve,
    It’s a crime if some one gets murdered using the 300K you borrowed to do whatever it is you said you were going to do with it. That’s essentially what happened with the money George borrowed on our behalf to execute his freedom spreading experiment in Iraq.

    Which would you rather, pay off the 300K today, or 10 years from now plus interest? When you multiply that by a factor that gets you the billions of dollars a month we are spending on Iraq, the interest alone will kill an economy.

  5. Who got murdered? Nobody said there wasn’t going to be casualties for the war Ms Clinton voted for.

    Since I don’t have 300K I’ll pay it off in 30 years (25 actually). If I tried to pay it off now I couldn’t feed my kid, drive a Porsche or enjoy a 10mb internets connection.

    Why do you hate freedom?

  6. Steve, do you really want me to provide the links to all the kids splattered with blood in Iraq?

    Who said I hate freedom?

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