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Supporting the Troops – the Saga Continues

The Shrub team gives us another demonstratio n of multitasking  , here tackling two campaign themes at once – supporting the troops and making education a priority, too. The rest of us can only stand in humble awe:
“The 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard returned recently from extended duty in Iraq, which was reportedly the longest consecutive deployment of any outfit (22 months, including extensions).   However, the Guardsmen still do not qualify for government education benefits. The law allows the benefits only for those on “active duty” at least 730 days, but the Minnesota Guard’s orders (as well as some other outfits’ orders), were specifically written for “729 days.”

The source for this item is Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird – alas, this isn’t weird at all from this administrati on, just same old same old. Remember this every time between now and November 4, 2008 (less than a year away now, YES!) that we hear these pricks say or imply that the Democrats don’t support the troops (note that the now-Democrat ic-majority Congress also just voted to give the troops the 3.5% cost of living raise that Bush thinks is more than they deserve) and/or that this administrati on has been serious about supporting education.

Take a minute to just reflect on this. What kind of person would sit down and think, “Hey, we can send these 2,600 folks who signed up for the National Guard into combat in Iraq for almost two continuous years, and if we make sure to write the orders specifying 729 days, we still don’t have to help them with college – cool!” and then go ahead and do it.

What do you suppose those 2,600 men and women who were pulled away from their families, their careers, and the rest of their lives to risk almost two years of their lives facing IEDs and insurgents might have to say to the evil cold-blooded bastards who decided that they still didn’t rate some tuition assistance if they made it home alive?

The Bushies are pretty smug about being more Christian than the Democrats. If they’re right and there is some ultimate reckoning, do you think their God will pat them on the back for this one?

There’s a word for people who use other people that way without caring about what it does to them. Sociopaths. That’s what the people who make decisions like this are, sociopaths. Do we really want the Sopranos running the country any more?

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2 Responses to “Supporting the Troops – the Saga Continues”

  1. Liberal Jarhead,

    Neither side of the aisle does a good job of helping veterans when they return from war. I was in Desert Storm at the height of the oil fires. I have developed asthma like symptoms and regularly use asthma medication, but the VA states that it was impossible that the oil fires in Kuwait caused my problems, because I was a good soldier who didn’t complain until the problems became too severe to handle on my own. By that time, I was off active duty.

    This is definitely one issue you and I can agree on. I know that there are programs for National Guardsmen and Reservists to deal with college and other incentives at the time of enlistment, but to intentionall y set things in place to screw these men and women out of additional benefits is flat out wrong. They risked their lives, their bodies, and their minds, the least the military could do is give them a little extra college help when they get back home!

  2. Yeah, loyalty is supposed to run both up and down the chain of command. I’m sorry to hear about your health problems, IM - have you talked with the DAV about your situation? They can be pretty good at helping with appeals. So is the Military Order of the Purple Heart - the DAV has been helpful for me, and the MOPH was a huge help to one of my brothers.

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