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Supporting the Troops – the Saga Continues

The Shrub team gives us another demonstratio n of multitasking  , here tackling two campaign themes at once – supporting the troops and making education a priority, too. The rest of us can only stand in humble awe:
“The 2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard returned recently from extended duty in Iraq, which was […]

Whom Can We Trust?

If we cannot trust our existing government to lead us, or even the intelligence that our president uses to go to war, whom can we trust? The DoD?
At least 20,000 U.S. troops who were not classified as wounded during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan have been found with signs of brain injuries, according to […]

Got Your IED?

A friend of mine tossed me this link. Pay particular attention to the graph mid way on the page and ask yourself: Is the surge working?

It’s Your War, But “The Country Doesn’t Want It.”

The broader question is why would any one support the funding of the Iraq conflagratio n if they really felt it was time to bring the troops home.
Helen Thomas hits Dana Perino, the effervescent presidential spokesmodel, over the head with her customary cast iron fry pan a couple of times. Read and […]

“Safer, But Not Yet Safe:” Symptoms Of A Larger Problem

Get a load of this statement from today’s press washing from the Sexy Dana Perino:
MS. PERINO: They’ve had conversation s over the past several months. Obviously none of us would have wanted Fran to leave service. I think all of us felt safe because of her work. Of course she always says we are safer, […]

I Thought Elephants Had Long Memories

In case you long for the days before we were an intractable situation in Iraq, let’s dose you with some nostalgia:

Of course, you could sign up and help if you care about the outcome in Iraq. To those who suggest Iraq is the right place to be right now, I say pony up and […]

Slinging Blame Like Only A President Can

Ross Perot was spot on when he dubbed the Whitehouse “the Bully Pulpit.” You will remember a while ago when the current batch of bullies in this pulpit were suggesting that playing the “blame game” was inappropriat e and claimed to take the moral high ground by disavowing said game. Of course, today, in […]

Civil Disobedience is alive and well in Olympia WA.

This past weekend, individuals in Olympia WA decided to physically stop the movement of military materials and goods to and from Iraq. Now, some folks might just get a tad upset with this idea by using the bs that we are harming the troops by denying them this refurbished equipment.
Thats bullshit. BushCo has enough money […]

The Values Of Our President

Education Bad; War Good

“Fully Embolden Our Enemies?”

The President and his knuckleheads in charge can barely hold together a solid exuse for the folly in Iraq let alone truly know what “emboldens” our enemies. When some one suggests that the reason for not liking a particular bill is based on something they could not know and is truly subjective, you know […]