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Join the National Guard, Spend Two Years in Iraq, Get Stabbed in the Back

This is how the Far Right “supportsâ €ť the troops:

2,600 members of the Minnesota National Guard spent almost two years deployed in Iraq. It was the longest deployment of any ground combat unit.

When they returned to the States, they found out that they were — JUST BARELY — not qualified for the educational benefits they thought they’d be receiving under the G.I. Bill.

In order to receive the G.I. Bill and other benefits, this unit would have had to be gone for 730 days. By the sheerest of coincidences  , they were gone for only 729 days. Sorry — Disqualified  ! Move along, nothing to see here.

1st Lt. Jon Anderson said “It’s pretty much a slap in the face. I think it was a scheme to save money, personally. I think it was a leadership failure by the senior Washington leadership… once again failing the soldiers…I had 23 guys under my command. I promised to take care of them. And I’m not going to end taking care of them when this deployment is over, and it’s not over until this is solved.”

Anderson’s fellow platoon leader, John Hobot, said “I would assume, and I would hope, that when I get back from a deployment of 22 months, my senior leadership in Washington, the leadership that extended us in the first place, would take care of us once we got home.”

So far the Army hasn’t responded to any questions about this.

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4 Responses to “Join the National Guard, Spend Two Years in Iraq, Get Stabbed in the Back”

  1. Tom, you’re very first sentence really summed it up. The Right doesn’t “support the troops” one iota.


  2. rubes the lot of them. anyone who doesn’t go to Canada deserves what they get. i am no longer in sympathy with the troops who continue to answer the call from these bastards. Damn it, i am an old man, but even i can see the malice of this cause. Troops wake up. In my time, with the info available today, we would not have put up with this shit. One thing old folks were trained to do was to spot bull shit at a hundred yards. Walking around with shit on your shoes all day did not make you very popular. Leavenworth is vastly preferable to Iraq.

  3. It has been like this since the Department of Defense has been in existence and if I remember correctly the Dems controlled Congress from 1954 to 1994. It’s both party’s that do this shit to our military. Don’t pawn it off on ONE side….That’s bullshit.

  4. You say that the right does not support the troops and offer this situation as evidence. You leave out that both of MN’s senators are trying to get this taken care of and they represent both the left and right. Then you have Rep Kline as having introduced legislation to make sure they get the benefit:

    “(AP) WASHINGTON Minnesota lawmakers say they’re hopeful an Army review will lead to greater educational benefits for members of the Minnesota National Guard, many of whom were denied benefits they believe they have earned.

    But just in case, Rep. John Kline introduced legislation Wednesday that would resolve the problem.

    Kline, R-Minn., spoke with Army Secretary Pete Geren this week.”

    Representati ve Kline, a Republican. Which Democrat has offered legislation to come to the aid of these men and women?

    This 720 requirement is a military policy, not a Bush or right wing policy. The GOP is active in trying to get this resolved. How do you see this as “the right not supporting the troops”?

    You also say that the Army has not responded to this. That is also incorrect:

    “Said Army spokesman Paul Boyce: “We will work closely with the Minnesota guardsman to get them the assistance they need, and we will do so with the board as well.”

    The story here:

    http://wcco. com/politics  /local_stor y_276180158. html

    This is nothing more than typical governmental bureaucracy trying to manipulate numbers to save a dime and screw the people. It amazes me that you can’t see the real problem with the government. Not the left or the right it is the full time, bi partisan, bureaucrats running the place. You have to be delusional not to see that the last place you want to give more control of your life is to the federal government. And still you clamor for the feds to control health care.

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