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While Voting To Keep Troops On Extended Tours In Iraq, Republicans Denounce Ad As “Outrageous”

 betray us

Republicans in the Senate blocked legislation that would have increased the amount of time that troops spend out of Iraq by requiring that they spend the same amount of time back home training as they do on deployment. Currently, troop combat tours are about 15 months with a 12 month stint back at home. Although the Republicans like to clamor about supporting the troops, they really only support a failed war policy and could give two shits about the men and women they send afar to die for Bush’s bloody oil adventure.

But when it comes to free speech and attacks against their precious bloodbath in the Middle East, Republicans take off the gloves and show that they’re not afraid to trample the constitution in the name of “security.”, an unabashed Democratic and antiwar organization  , took out a full page ad in newspapers on Monday criticizing General David Patraeus’ progress report on the Iraq War. (The picture and headline appear above, reprinted without permission.) Almost immediately, Republican Senators and Congresspers ons condemned the ad as “outrageous” and “unwarranted .”

“This smear campaign consisted of entirely unwarranted and fallacious attacks, and sought to impugn the name of a highly respected man of integrity,” said Sen. John Cornyn, Texas Republican.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, called on senators to “go on record in opposition to this outrageous … and unacceptable ad.”

Uhm, excuse me Republican asshats…the “outrageous” and “unacceptabl e” actions are not those of an organization that is calling the report and its conclusions into question, but by ideological morons like you who won’t question the information presented, who blindly cling to a policy of death and destruction, who insist that the sky isn’t really blue because the president says it isn’t, and so on and so forth. The outrage is you, Republican idiots.

Apparently the Republican caucus on Capitol Hill have little better to do than to try to engender anger at a public advocacy group. Apparently there’s not enough going on in Congress that these guys think the most important thing is to introduce censure measures against a group who is doing nothing more than calling into question the “facts” as they are presented. After all, it’s not as if the “facts” about Iraq have ever been true anyhow.

Democratic congressiona l leaders won’t give the Republicans the time of day with this censure effort, and that’s as it should be. But they aren’t doing a hell of a lot either to end the war or protect the Constitution here at home.

I get the play of words with Patraeus’ name that chose for this ad. But I think they’d have been better off ( and more to the point) showing a picture of the entire Senate and House with blindfolds and earplugs firmly in place with the banner text “They’ve Betrayed Us All.”

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7 Responses to “While Voting To Keep Troops On Extended Tours In Iraq, Republicans Denounce Ad As “Outrageous””

  1. This story sure does highlight the priorities of our “representat ives.” Anything that actually helps soldiers or veterans, their response is “don’t bother us, we’re too busy.”

    But when it comes to condemning an offensive ad, “we’re on it!”

  2. Wow. Aren’t you the articulate one. Republicans touched a nerve, did they? You are so emotionally invested in your hatred that your mean-spirite d comments serve only denigrate any rational position you may have had. The ad was an ad hominem attack on Gen Patraeus. He didn’t set the policy. He didn’t volunteer for the position. He didn’t buy votes when he was unanimously approved by the entire senate, including your beloved democ-rats. But, since he didn’t return with a report that you liked, your only option is to excoriate him personally.

    Here’s a suggestion just for you–buy a dog, name it life, and then you’ll have one.

    Peace out, dude.

  3. KC- It’s clear you don’t know me or my politics. I have no special love for Democrats or thier policies these days. I am an independent and have voted for people from both major parties as well as others. So your assumption that I only “love democrats” is not based in fact.

    In fact, Patraeus did accept the post offered him, and in fact Patraeus did and does support the policy presented to him. No where in my post do I say anything about the contents of the Patraeus report either, so to claim that “you don’t like his report” is also based on a false assumptionon your part. In fact, I haven’t heard the contents of his report-I’ve been out of the loop for a few weeks.

    This post is about the republican effort to refocus the attention away from the report and it’s conclusions/ assumptions and instead turn the public eye to an advertisemen t. Instead of addressing the issues of the Iraq War, republicans want to attack a democrat advocacy groups opinion. More than that, they want the legislative body of the US government to pass a non-buinding resolution condemning that groups use of the first amendment. It’s typical republican tactics and I’m not all that surprised.

    What does surprise me is the defense these misfits continue to get from their “base.”

  4. Ken:

    Of course Patraeus accepted the post offered him, and does support the policy presented to him. That is what military officers do. Just as military officers did under a Democratic administrati on. To do less is to go the way of third-world countries and invite anarchy.

    I will agree with your last paragraph. Unfortunatel y, the tenor of the balance of your message was cheapened with reference to ‘asshats’ and ‘idiots’.

    And the fact of the matter is that Patraeus has been attacked (ok, made fun of) because some (if not you) did not like what he had to say. Sad.

    And for the record–I can’t see where I said you “love democrats.” That is an inference you drew.

  5. 1. After the way the republicans carried on with the swift boat people, they have no room to complain.

    2. Our military has become so political since Truman that it is hard to believe most of what they say.

  6. Fuck Petraeus. He should be attacked. He’s no fuckin’ genius. Back in 2004, Betray-us said that all was going well in Iraq, the police and army would be up and running soon, bla bla bla. He’s a fuckin’ idiot and anyone that admires him is a fucin’ idiot, including a certain poster who’s moniker rhymes with lacey. Moveon was right and every Dem who voted for this sleazy scumbag resolution shuld hang their pussy heads in shame. The scum in the GOP blocked a bill to give some relief to the troops and then passed a bill to decry a friggin’ political ad and this they call “supporting the troops?” There isn’t a single Republican in America who supports the troops in any way whatsoever.


  7. Republicans Defeated - Keep a Soldier Home Bill (safe & sound) - Republicans want Soldiers to Patrol the GWB & REPUBLICAN CONGRESS WAR (Both in Majority at the start of the War) - 2 tours OVER their contract (backdoor draft)
    BAIT & SWITCH Republicans - MASTERS at SMOKE & MIRRORS - Let Soldiers DIE for as LIE.
    AN AD by anybody in the USA is CALLED ” FREEDOM OF SPEECH”.

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