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Meanwhile, It Still Sucks In Iraq

While the President takes care of vital brush clearing on his hobby ranch, we see that it still sucks in Iraq:

…Fighters in white tunics and running shoes moved like ghosts over the battlefield, displaying tactics that the Americans said mirrored their own. They signaled with flashlights, bounded into position and crawled to try to evade the superior U.S. firepower.

Even when dozens of the fighters lay dead, Stark and his platoon mates discovered that their enemy possessed an unsettling determinatio n. Making a final push toward the canal in his hobbled, bullet-pocke d Humvee, Stark saw a wounded insurgent on the ground with a hand behind his back.

“Turn on your stomach!” Gilbertson, the gunner, yelled, intending to detain the man. But the insurgent hurled a grenade at the truck. The pin failed, and Gilbertson shot him with his machine gun…

…Spannagel, the scout leader, said the fighting revealed “a false sense of security that we’d won the battle in Ramadi.”

In fact, he said, “this shows the enemy is patient. This is his land. He’s got all the time in the world. . . . They’re going to continue to fight in Anbar.”

When the W, Rove and Co suggest that the MSM doesn’t cover the good news in Iraq, perhaps it’s because there is none. Read the whole article for a real account that will unnerve even the most staunch GOP supporter.

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2 Responses to “Meanwhile, It Still Sucks In Iraq”

  1. Windspike says:

    “When the W, Rove and Co suggest that the MSM doesn’t cover the good news in Iraq, perhaps it’s because there is none.”

    Of course there is good news in Iraq. Just google good news+iraq and see what you get. As a matter of fact there is even a site called Good News Iraq:

    http://goodn index2.htm

  2. The only good news that’s come out of Iraq in the past 4 1/2 years is that we all finally have definitive proof that conservative s are stupid, greedy, murderous, inept, UnAmerican scum.


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