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Marketing 101

When a person decides that he wants to be elected he begins to figure out how to market himself. Most politicians find that they have an advantage when they emphasize their good qualities while they de-emphasize their “less than good” qualities. A person also needs to get those “good” qualities seen, while avoiding any revelation of character flaw or youthful indiscretion . This of course is simple marketing 101. It works for any product from soap to politicians.

Of course, some politicians push the envelope by creating truthful statements that imply something different that the truth. This illusion is accomplished by the nature of language itself. Many words have multiple meanings, for example, and those meanings could sometimes be used to create truthful sentences that imply different meanings because the generally accepted meanings of a word or phase might not technically mean the same thing as the truthfully constructed sentence. Sentences like this are difficult to construct, so the next best thing is often used instead. Less commonly used synonyms are substituted for emotional words in order to reduce reactions to an idea. And more emotionally charged synonyms are substituted for technically neutral word in order to provoke emotion. These word games are used by politicians in an effort to create the illusion of addressing the public’s needs and desires without actually doing that.

As a deceitful politician ages his constitutes, whom at one time held great hope, begin to realize that they have been swindled. Those who recognize the swindle become less supportive and more skeptical of the politician. The erosion of support may take many years, because the public generally doesn’t pay attention to politics continuously . Generally the public pays attention to a politician only when an issue that is important to an individual comes to the forefront. These issues don’t come up very often for most citizens. Even when a swindle is exposed, it takes a while for the swindlee to recognize and admit the fact that he has been swindled.

Of course, as supporters drop off, and skepticism grows for this politician so it goes for all politicians in general. As people trust their politicians less, the motivation for voting for them decreases. Until new politicians can prove themselves worthy they will continue to inherit this mantle of distrust. The overall distrust of politicians that stems from the urge to deceive the public into voting for them gradually destroys democracy. Any patriotic politician would avoid this deception out of loyal patriotic love of democracy. And, the public should recognize this and vote accordingly.

A deceptive politician, however, serves a term of several years between elections. Deceit at election only gradually rears its ugly head during the political term as people realize the politician s lies. People gradually become disillusione d and gradually loose faith in the words of that politician. But, the words of a politician are related to the power of the politicians position in government. Words are used to sway opinion and action. Words sway follow politicians in congress and they sway the public opinion. Leaders need to create the vision and map the direction the government needs to go. Without the power of those words the politician becomes weaker.

We have been witnessing the deterioratio n of a deceitful politician over the last six years. George W Bush won the 2000 election by the slimmest of margins. Therefore it would be arguable that any deception during that campaign could have caused the “key” votes to be cast in favor of him. The deception that he was a “compassio nate conservative ” may have been the key to some 300 people in Florida casting their vote for him instead of Al Gore. Perhaps the way he said that he was against the Kyoto protocol while in the same breath he said that Carbon Dioxide was an environmenta l problem. Some 300 Floridians might have chosen to vote for him thinking that he would actually deal with global warming even if it wasn’t through the treaty.

One could argue that Al Gore might have been just as deceptive. But, people knew how well Al Gore lived up to his previous promises based on what he had said and what he did in the previous four years in the Clinton White House. No, the extreme nature of George W Bush’s deception went beyond the Al Gore deception, which was the typical exaggeration that most politicians in recent times have used. With Karl Rove at his side the deception was engineered by the “architect .”
As George W Bush’s actions continue to prove his true nature people have slowly come to realize the true nature of George W Bush’s deceptions. At the beginning of his term in office new situations offered new opportunitie s for new deceptions. The Republican Party chose not to question or perform any oversight, and therefore Bush was free to do as he pleased. The results were an increase in the size of government by increased borrowing, an unnecessary and immoral war in Iraq, less compassion for the poor and more compassion for the wealthy. Finally his efforts to legalize cheap labor through immigration reform finally showed his true nature to many of his supporters that had been deceived all along.

So, is it any surprise that the majority of Americans believe that Gen. David Petraeus’ September report on the surge in Iraq will be more of the same - lies and deception?

If we expect the report to be an exaggeration of the truth then we will discount the evidence by what we believe the truth to be. And, George W Bush himself is responsible for the American public’s expectation or deception. This is because the American public now realizes how George W Bush uses these opportunitie s to make his own political gains. The public expects Gen. David Petraeus to tell us that the surge is working, because they believe that the administrati on will find a way to convey the illusion the surge is working even if the words tell us that it is not. This is because the War in Iraq is the main legacy of the Bush administrati on. And if the War fails there isn’t anything else for George W Bush to point to as a success of his presidency.

It’s all in the Marketing. George W Bush will be telling us how he saved the United States by his War on terror for years to come. He’ll be still telling us even after the proof of its failure. Karl Rove will be coming up with the plans to make that case as well to the few remaining Bush supporters.

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Don’t forget what Stephen Colbert said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

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