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Gov’t Waste - Can I get a Witness?

My friend the Gun Toting Liberal blasts one out of the stratosphere . Read it here. You won’t regret it.

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7 Responses to “Gov’t Waste - Can I get a Witness?”

  1. Jet, that kind of crap happens under Dems and Repubs wouldn’t you say? I would. It’s dead wrong but that’s why I don’t trust the government spending my money. i.e. healthcare etc…..

  2. […] also to one of my best budettes in the blogosphere by the name of Jet for linking in from Bring It […]

  3. Emmett, we will never agree on health care, but when it comes to bodacious watse like this, our pages are the same.

    Thanks GTL, you wrote you backside off on this one!

  4. You would be hard pressed to find a government agency/progr am that does NOT wasted money. Dig into any program and you will find wasted and fraud. I agree with Emmet. You really want these people making your health care decisions?

  5. Someone has to make healthcare available to the 50 million currently uninsured. Using this type of bs to make your case against national medicare coverage for all is weak boys.

    GTL does post some interesting stuff Jet :)

  6. tap tap tap

    is this thing on?

  7. You really can’t relate this to Government doing something (please anything) to provide for the common welfare.
    This stuff is was called treason by our founding fathers and they hung people for it.

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