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Truth Hurts

In less than a month General David H. Petraeus is supposed to tell congress what the situation is in Iraq. People on the ground in Iraq already have a very good idea as to what is going on. The strategy for the last eight months has been to increase the troop strength in Iraq in order to calm the insurgents and allow the political process to go forward. The increase in American troops in Iraq has a definitive window of time. Without a draft we only have so many troops to dedicate to this plan. We can take away, or reduce leave time, but the long term implication of that strategy is the reduce the moral of the troops. American troops are people too, and they can only sacrifice so long before the pain becomes to great. The suicide rate for American troops continues to increase, which is some abstract measure of the stress involved in this effort.

While the window created for political action is limited the Iraqi government has chosen to withdraw and take vacation. The time is being wasted and it is running out. On the American side, much of the government is also on vacation. The president has taken a break from putting pressure on the Iraqi leaders.

General David H. Petraeus has told us himself that the only solution in Iraq is a political one. We can not use force to make the insurgents give up hope and surrender. The insurgents are driven by moral belief that what they are doing is for the greater good. They believe that the inhuman acts that they commit are worth it in the long run because they believe that they know the greater good. They have the same belief that Karl Rove had in his vision to win at any cost - the election victory is worth the lies and deception used to acquire that win. People who think that they know the right answer believe that the ends justify the means, whatever those means should be.

Of course when there are several groups that all believe that they have the truth, and that truth is not universal, then we have a recipe for civil war. Peace can only be accomplished by compromise. But like the situation in our political world, compromise is not an option for the majority of citizens.

This idea can not be changed over night. We can look at the situation in our own country for an example. Republicans don’t want to compromise, so they vote the party line. Democrats don’t want to compromise, so they vote the party line. We are getting nowhere fast. How then can we expect Iraqis to behave any differently when they look to us for an example?

Well, George W Bush knows this. He knows that we can’t win in Iraq by force alone. He knows that political action isn’t likely to happen. He knows that General Petraeus doesn’t have good news for us in September. So, George W Bush doesn’t want him to testify publicly.

George W Bush doesn’t want the public to hear General Petraeus tells us the truth about Iraq. He doesn’t want General Petraeus to tell us that this war can not be won by the use of American force. He doesn’t want the public to hear the truth about his failure from the mouth of the man who has been put there to make it happen. George W Bush knows that if General Petraeus tells us the truth the Republicans who have been supporting him will finally say enough is enough. A Republican politician would not have a chance in any political race if they continue to support the Iraq War after General Petraeus tells us the truth. So, George W Bush knows that the best strategy is to have General Petraeus’ testimony classified as a national security issue held behind closed doors so that the Republicans that continue to support the war will not be forced to change that support. Is this Karl Rove’s final obfuscation?

I’ve been called a Bush hater in the past. But, that certainly isn’t the case. I have always seen George W Bush caught up in politics like a whirlwind that he couldn’t control. He doesn’t have much of an imagination, so he is the idea candidate for a group of people that have their own ideas to imprint on him. These people wanted an actor to speak to the people while they wrote the script. George W Bush has done that job, even though his reading of the script wasn’t quite as good as Ronald Reagan’s. But, his quirks were accepted by the people who could relate to his inarticulate manor by identificati on. This is a good strategy for getting a predetermine d agenda taken care of. But, when history brings challenges, imagination is the key to success. I sympathize with George W Bush sitting in the oval office as each tragedy hit our country through his term, and he had no answers. He sat there hoping that the people he appointed could come up with something. But, he had no vision and could not know if those ideas were any good. He was eager to flex American power and prove himself, so the Iraq War wasn’t a problem when Cheney or Rumsfeld or Wolfewitz suggested it. I don’t hate George W Bush for this short coming. I hate the sin, not the sinner. And, I have a problem with the American people who couldn’t see through the propaganda created by Karl Rove to sway the people in the elections. I hope and pray that Americans will learn from this failure of oversight and finally pay close attention to who they elect, and why. In that back of my mind I know that this is just a pipe dream.

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Don’t forget what Stephen Colbert said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

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2 Responses to “Truth Hurts”

  1. This line from your post is interesting:

    “The increase in American troops in Iraq has a definitive window of time. Without a draft we only have so many troops to dedicate to this plan.”

    One of the knocks on Bush’s handling of the war was not having enough troops in Iraq to do the job. If we cannot support 150,000 to 180,000 troops now, how would we have supported the additional troops from the beginnng? Do those that support the “Powell Doctrine” of overwhelming force also support a draft? I have heard some say we should have sent 300,000 or more troops from the beginning, where would we have got them? How would we have supported them? How much would that have cost? What if we would have sent 500,000 and found ourselves in the same situation? How would we have sustained that large a force?

    And this line:

    “I sympathize with George W Bush sitting in the oval office as each tragedy hit our country through his term, and he had no answers.”

    is just ridiculous. You may not agree with the answers however he has indeed had them. 9/11 and he invaded Afghanistan. The stock market crashed and he infused the economy with money in the form of tax rebates and tax breaks. Iraq refused to comply with UN resolutions and he took out Saddam. Social security is facing a crises and he tried to get congress to enact reform. You appear to have drunk the liberal kool aid about others making decisions for the President. All presidents receive advise and then make decisions. Getting advise is not the same as being told what to do. Other than the well accepted left wing nut talking points, what do you have in the way of facts to suggest he has no imagination or vision? You seem to want to extact these long tortured opinions based on little to no facts.

  2. manapp99,

    We are currently rotating troops which means about half of the capable troops are in Iraq, while half go home on leave. This is the only way to sustain the prolonged effort that we have chosen to take. Of course we could have gone in initially with all of our capable troops. For six months we could have put in twice the effort and the population would have witnessed stability and not chosen to take things into their own hands. We could have also declaired Iraq to be a major war requiring sacrifice and increased the propeganda to recruit more troops. We could have raised taxes to prove to the public that we meant business and everyone would have been invested in this war, instead of borrowing money for our children to pay off. The point is that Bush decided to try to make this an “easy” war and declare that we should buy more stuff to keep our economy going instead of making it a personal sacrifice for everyone.

    And, George W Bush had no answers. He would tell this himself, because he always says that he hires the people around him to do the thinking. So, personally he had no idea what to do until the people around him began to bring him ideas.

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