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Iraq War anniversary is looming large..

Oh yes, its almost here! You too can celebrate the beginning of the Iraq War on March 19th!
With all snark aside..the worst anniversary I can relate to in this decade will be here next week. If you are against the continuing occupation of Iraq and you blog, please consider joining the Blogswarm. You can click […]

Did you celebrate Colin Powell Day?

Yesterday was the fifth anniversary of Colin Powell’s speech to the United Nations Security Council to push for war with Iraq. Powell’s speech, as we now know, was full of lies. His speech was entitled: Iraq, failing to disarm. He even had a nifty slide show for the attendees. Behind him sat George Tenet, then […]

MLK on why he opposed the Vietnam War.

His words all ring true true as they were in 1967

Civil Disobedience is alive and well in Olympia WA.

This past weekend, individuals in Olympia WA decided to physically stop the movement of military materials and goods to and from Iraq. Now, some folks might just get a tad upset with this idea by using the bs that we are harming the troops by denying them this refurbished equipment.
Thats bullshit. BushCo has enough money […]

Getting away with murder?

My oh my..isn’t this something? Of course the word murder doesn’t enter into the FBI report..but what else do you call killing unarmed civilians? From the NYT:
Federal agents investigatin g the Sept. 16 episode in which Blackwater security personnel shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians have found that at least 14 of the shootings were […]

Federal Court rules on Watada case..

Big Win for Watada: A Study in Courage and Honor
By Bill Simpich
t r u t h o u t | Perspective

One out of Four homeless are Veterans.

This disgusting fact is brought to you by a new report which will be released tomorrow. From the AP writeup:
Veterans make up one in four homeless people in the United States, though they are only 11 percent of the general adult population, according to a report to be released Thursday.

What a REAL military tv ad should look like..

H/T to Chuck and DonkeyOD for putting this video on their blogs. You have to watch it all the way to the end since like Big Pharma ads on tv it gives all the ’side effects’ quickly at the end of the video.

Gee ya think??

In case you can’t read it, it says: This photo caused quite a stir during the Vietnam war. These men were court-martia led and drummed out of the Army.
The New York Times gives us this..and says its news? Please, this crappola isn’t news..except for the fact that the Democraps are finally fallling out of love […]

Waxman and Condi on CSPAN this morning..

CSPAN is providing us with Waxman’s oversight committee’s hearing this morning. Ms. Rice, our ..cough..ill ustrious SOS is the guest. You can listen via your computer here. CSPAN3 has the hearing on cable. Mr. Waxman has graciously provided a live feed on the Committee website here.
The subjects will be varied..Blac kwater, Corruption, the run-up to […]