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Carrying George Bush’s Water: GAO Shoots Holes In Bucket

Oh I just can’t wait for the good news…you know…the good news about the success of the surge and the progress being made on the political front in Iraq. With every nugget of good news, the Bush administrati on apologists race to report the shifting tide while also chiding the defeatist Democrats. You have to […]

Was Murtha wrong to call the Haditha killings “cold-blooded murders”?

If it is true that “after an investigatio n, there was not sufficient evidence to prosecute“, today, after far more investigatio n than that upon which Representati ve Murtha based his “cold-bloode d murder” charge, upon what in God’s name did Murtha base the charge, other than the political calculation that such the charge would […]

If They Could Kill Me

“If they could kill me, then I want the government to do anything they can do to put a stop to them.”

Maliki says agreement reached on key laws..

From Jurist:
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced Sunday that sectarian leaders have come to an agreement on several contentious draft laws which have been identified by the US as key to the country’s progress. Under the new agreement, former Baath Party [party website, in Arabic]; members not convicted of any crimes will be […]

Petraeus playing politics whilst dining with congressmen and women.

The people in Iraq can’t even get electricity 24/7 or running clean water. Yet Petraeus and our elected representati ves are dining on lobster tortellini in Baghdad. This isn’t the worst of it however. That Petraeus would sit in a comfortable environment and lobby for the surge whilst eating this elitist food is wrong on […]

Understanding Iraq…One Analogy At A Time

As I read the summaries of the latest National Intelligence Estimate, I found myself lacking for words to explain my ongoing frustration with the utter mismanagemen t and growing futility that seems to plague this misguided war in Iraq.
Instead of offering more of the same criticisms, I decided to make my commentary a creative […]

Deluded Bush Using Vietnam War To Prop Up Iraq War

Talk about twisting the past to perpetuate a twisted present…talk about having no capacity to draw from the lessons of history…talk about a clear cut case of crazy…
 In a speech yesterday at the VFW convention, President Bush used the Vietnem War as an example of why America shouldn’t withdraw from Iraq. I’ll try to disseminate.

The Reich-Wingnuts have started a Pro-War group!

Sweet Jeebus in a speedo..Ari Fleisher your a friggin’ tool dude..seriou sly…you are. TPM has an extensive writeup about Ari’s new pro-war site called..oh lawd have mercy..
Freedom’s Watch

Was It Worth It?

I found this image in a NYTimes article about Iraq war vets.

A Cynical View Of GWB’s Comments On The Maliki Government

It seems that many observers were surprised by the President’s remarks on the Maliki government. In his comments, the President indicated that the progress of the Maliki government was insufficient . He also signaled he would accept the replacement of the embattled leader if it were the will of the Iraqi people.
I’ll offer my […]