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P.S. I Thought Rumsfeld Resigned?

In case you were wondering who is really running the Global War On Terror and thought Rummy was pushed out the door as his resignation would indicate, do note the following. At today’s function with the Big Dick Cheney presiding, Rummy was sitting there in an official capacity.

So, in the face of an organization that purports to believe in smaller government, we now have two people getting paid at the level of Secretary not the one provided for by Congress. Isn’t that interesting?

10:36 A.M. EDT

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Secretary Gates, Secretary Rumsfeld, General Pace, distinguishe d guests, fellow citizens: It’s a privilege to join all of you in this tribute to Edmund Peter Giambastiani  , Jr. — a fine American who President Bush, and all of us, know as Admiral G…

Why we are still paying a man to do a job he resigned from is beyond me. Can any one in the GOP justify this expense? Sounds like social welfare for a man who doesn’t need it and a supported by a country of taxpayers who can’t afford it.

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14 Responses to “P.S. I Thought Rumsfeld Resigned?”

  1. Horray for Rummy!

  2. You’re kidding, right Windspike?  You’re not going to tell me that you are "outraged" or "offended" that Rumsfeld is being called "Secretary Rumsfeld"?  

  3. Emmet, exactly the response I would expect from you.  Thanks for the comment.

    Stev e, I’m not entirely outraged, nor surprised.  He is still being paid by us, isn’t he?  Are you not offended that your friends in the W, Rove and Co are paying two people under the same pay grade for the same post?  Doesn’t that seem redundant and more like bigger rather than smaller government?  Are we running a social welfare program for the already wealthy here?  Seems like it to me. 

  4. No, he is not being paid for being the SecDef.  He is being addressed by his most recent job title, as just about every former federal official does.  It doesn’t mean they are getting paid for that job, now does it?  You know this.

  5. To paraphrase Douglas McArthur: Ol d SecDefs never die, they just hang around and hang around and hang around.

  6. Since you aren’t answering me Windspike, I’m assuming you’re just stringing me along on this one, trying to get me to think you believe what you wrote.  Uh-uh.  Ain’t buyin’ it.

  7. Steve,

    I do apologize for not having as much spare time as you. Also, I was awaiting the upgrade and switch to the dedicated server.

    Do you have proof that Rummy is not still on the Taxpayer payrolls. My latest intel tells me that he is. Are you not outraged by the cost overruns perpetrated by the W, Rove and Co? The National Debt is staggering…a nd may buckle the stars and stripes if we are not careful.

  8. You’re not drawing me into this. There’s no way somebody with an ounce of working brain matter would believe what you assert is true. I pulled a gotcha on Steve O a couple of months ago, and I’m not falling for it.

  9. I figured as such, you have no proof in your pudding, Steve.

    You don’t think the National Debt is going to be a problem? How are we planning to pay for Iraq and pay back the Chinese who are financing W’s democracy experiment?

  10. Here’s how I see this. The original post is nothing but a joke to draw people into a conversation on a ridiculous premise, and you know it’s a joke. Because anybody with a sliver of knowledge on our government knows that former officials are referred by the title of their previous positions out of deference, not because they are getting paid in that position. So I’ve exposed this whole thread as nothing more than a joke and am treating it as such.

  11. Simply because you believe something to be true doesn’t make it so, Steve. The WMD-lets-inv ade-Iraq administrati on has proven that many times over.

    Last report I read is that Rummy is still gainfully employed by the W, Rove and Co and consulting to the Pentagon. Until I hear otherwise, that’s my reality. Contrary to popular believe (of one) you are not a credible source.

    You can choose to prove your perspective, but I believe you are completely wrong. The more that I catch this administrati on in positions that are in direct opposition to their own GOP tenets, the more you protest. Why is that?

  12. P.S. I meant “belief, not believe. Sorry for the typo. Please forgive me….but I suspect you won’t.

  13. What perspective is there for me to prove? Ex-President s are still called President. Ex-Vice Presidents are called Vice President. Ex-cabinet members are still referred to as Secretary. Etc., etc., etc., etc. You’re the one who has made the allegation that Rumsfeld is still employed as SecDef, and without proof. I suspect the “report” you read is a big nothing and your “reality” is similar to the “reality” that FDR knew about the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor, of the gunman on the grassy knoll, that Bush caused 9/11, and that the 2004 Presidential election was stolen in Ohio.

  14. Steve,
    Near as I can tell, we may not be paying rummy a salary, but supporting an office for him in the pentagon, at taxpayer expense. Is this a good thing or a bad thing given that we are already supporting Gates in the same capacity?

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