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Draft The College Republicans First

A friend of mine pointed me to this fun little youtube video clip. Enjoy:

Incidentally  , on another post over at TPM, also pointed out to me by the same friend, one person was suggesting that if the republicans are intimidated by and afraid of some one doing a little youtube video, how are they ever going stop the terrorists? Or more succinctly:

I’m not sure whether the resistance is rooted is the profound feebleness of the current GOP field or the fact that the current Bush Republican party is so beholden to a worldview based on denial and suppression of evidence that exposure to unpredictabl e questions presents too great a danger. But if they can’t face Youtube how can they defeat the terrorists?

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4 Responses to “Draft The College Republicans First”

  1. You are a shill for Democrats.  And here I thought you might have been a free thinker.  Well, silly me.  You proved me wrong.  By the way, your bullshit argument about Republicans and YouTube is ridiculous considering the cowardly Democratic candidates won’t face real questions on Fox.  You know, the news network with viewers.

  2. Interesting that the majority of the military votes Republican. It appears the GOP is pulling more than their fair share.

  3. Wow!  Awesome video!  These folks are lucky we don’t have a draft.  I still can’t encourage drafting them, even though they probably deserve it.  
    Would you be willing to spread the word about www.draftres   It’s a site dedicated to shattering the myths surrounding the selective slavery system and building mass civil disobedience to stop the draft before it starts.
    Our banner on a website, printing and posting the anti-draft flyer or just telling friends would help.
    Scott Kohlhaas
    PS.  When it comes to conscription  , an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! 

  4. ill steve and manapp,
    you should check out all the max blumenthal videos on youtube. they feature all your role models such as tom delay and others who hope the end times start tomorrow. i am sure you will enjoy them and share them with your friends and family. speaking of your friends, why don’t you two show up at the next young republicans meeting and lead them to iraq. y’all could kick some ass over there and show us all the good works being done there in the name of democracy or whatever reason of the week that the fool w has convinced you two that american soldiers are fighting for. btw, manapp how are your free market monologues going down at the gas pumps?

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