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Soldiers Bragging Of Torture & Rape- This Makes Me Sick



Okay- I can only assume that this is not mere play-acting, but I can’t honestly verify it’s veracity. All I can say is that if this is what our troops act like, it’s not hard to see why we aren’t winning any hearts and minds.

And further, assuming that our soldiers were not like this before we sent them to Iraq, we’re going to have a whole bunch of messed up Americans wandering around who seem to have lost all sense of right and wrong. (Hear how this soldier still links Iraq and 9-11?)

Of course, none of this is Bush’s fault. It’s not the fault of starting a useless war.  It’s not the fault of approving torture. It’s got to be just a few “bad apples” out there in the mix, right?

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19 Responses to “Soldiers Bragging Of Torture & Rape- This Makes Me Sick”

  1. So is it official?

  2. Is that authentic? If so how do you know?

  3. Did either of you read the first sentence that I wrote? Apparently not…

  4. There is also a writeup in The Nation regarding this same issue Ken. Its quite detailed(11 pages) and worth the read:While some veterans said civilian shootings were routinely investigated
    by the military, many more said such inquiries were rare. "I mean, you
    physically could not do an investigatio n every time a civilian was
    wounded or killed because it just happens a lot and you’d spend all
    your time doing that," said Marine Reserve Lieut. Jonathan Morgenstein,
    35, of Arlington, Virginia. He served from August 2004 to March 2005 in
    Ramadi with a Marine Corps civil affairs unit supporting a combat team
    with the Second Marine Expeditionar y Brigade. (All interviewees are
    identified by the rank they held during the period of service they
    recount here; some have since been promoted or demoted.)
    "I guess while I was there, the general attitude was, A dead Iraqi is
    just another dead Iraqi," said Spc. Jeff Englehart, 26, of Grand
    Junction, Colorado. Specialist Englehart served with the Third Brigade,
    First Infantry Division, in Baquba, about thirty-five miles northeast
    of Baghdad, for a year beginning in February 2004. "You know, so
    what?… The soldiers honestly thought we were trying to help the
    people and they were mad because it was almost like a betrayal. Like
    here we are trying to help you, here I am, you know, thousands of miles
    away from home and my family, and I have to be here for a year and work
    every day on these missions. Well, we’re trying to help you and you
    just turn around and try to kill us."

    He said it was only "when they get home, in dealing with veteran issues
    and meeting other veterans, it seems like the guilt really takes place,
    takes root, then."  

  5. I have NO idea why my comment is SO screwed up in format. 

  6. I guess it is official.  It seems it is now time for the leftists to start reverting back to their pot-hazed anti-Vietnam days and start calling our heros baby killers.  By the way, the Marine who is investigatin g the Haditha "massacre" (the quotes are deliberate) is recommending that the charges be dropped on one of them because of the lack of evidence and conflicting testimony (even though the piece is on the Fox News site, it is an AP story).  I can see this whole case just falling to dust, thus disputing the "baby-killer " meme trying to be spread by leftists, such as those in The Nation (which, by the way, mentions Haditha, even though it has slowly been proven to be nothing of a massacre).

  7. And to you a say a hearty Kiss my ASS SteveIL. Only a jackass of your ilk would even suggest that. Do you just show up here to give us a ration of shit? Do you get a woodie when you type that shit?

    Here is a news flash..comin g from you it means nothing..bac k on ignore for you.  


  8. Did somebody say something?

  9. By the way, on that Haditha thing, 8 were originally investigated .  The charges against Sgt. Dela Cruz, have been dropped.  The second person is the one I mentioned above.  At the recommendati on of the investigator  , a third person, one of the officers, will serve administrati ve punishment after all charges are dropped.  3 down, 5 more left to be exonerated.

  10. Ken, the IHT has a writeup about The Nation article that I commented about earlier. The title is provacative to say the least:

    A dead Iraqi is just another dead Iraqi… You know, so what?’

    Of course some jerkwads will dismiss The Nation article, but thats only because they don’t realize how many journalists are in the employ of that magazine,or thats it more than a fucking blog that just gives their opinions on current issues. They break news they don’t just write about it.  


  11. Jurist also has a writeup that contains the following:

    Wa re concluded
    that Sharratt acted consistent with the rules of engagement, and
    recommended that the charge and specificatio ns be dismissed without
    prejudice and that Sharratt be given testimonial immunity with orders
    to cooperate with the ongoing investigatio n into the Haditha incident
    .-So  , they want to turn him into a snitch against the rest. This isn’t a slam dunk, the judge could ignore the report but that seems slim.

    If his charges are dropped, Sharratt would be the second enlisted
    Marine to be cleared in the case. Cpl. Sanick Dela Cruz, who admitted
    shooting the men near the car, had his charges dropped and was granted
    immunity. Wuterich and Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum are charged with murder
    and are scheduled for Article 32 hearings.

  12. Don’t be so happy about it, Dusty.

  13. One other thing.  Just before Ware wrote the recommendati on to drop charges on Sharratt, he stated that members of the Ahmed family were either insurgents, or had AK-47s to defend themselves.  In my opinion, if they had AK-47s in order to defend themselves against other insurgents or terrorists, then it would be reasonable to assume they would have cooperated with the Marines either before or after the IED went off that killed one of the Marines.  But since there was no cooperation after the IED went off, it is also reasonable to assume that they were insurgents engaged in a battle with Marines.  Not a WWII type battle, but a battle nonetheless.   As more evidence like that of LCp1 Sharratt comes out, this case will continue to fall away as a case of Marines engaged in battle against terrorists, terrorists who put their own family members in harm’s way.

  14. Your the one all excited about the whole ugly mess. It give you the opportunity to go after anything ‘librul’. Where do you portend to see anything which provides an emotional reaction from me? I quoted a law site. Give us the facts, not your spin. Ware said the marine claimed the dead Iraqi’s had AK’s, and he bought it as logical assumption. No one here gives two shakes about your opinion. You demonstrate your inability to discern fact from fiction every time you comment SteveIL.  True to neocon form, you spin everything and then blame the ‘librul’s. Good show! 

  15. Dusty- I did read the IHT article just after I posted this. Sad, scary, sickening are all coming to mind about now…

  16. The European press is all over this…where is the MSM here in the U.S? You know ken..those damn ‘librul’ media types? Why aren’t they touting the Nation piece?   

  17. Look, I get that it is getting to be that time that without anything but the hate they’ve always had, leftists need to resort to smear the heroes fighting for us.  It was seen at those "anti-war" rallies I pointed out a couple of months ago, it is shown by an anti-militar y punk shooting a member of the Air Force before offing himself, and it is being shown the enemy gets a pass from the leftists all around the world, even when what is reported about the "evil" our soldiers are doing is proven wrong.  What a disgrace.

  18. Hate? Pot calling the kettle black there dude. As for smearing hero’s your the one doing that little dance. We just put out the facts and let them speak for themselves. Your quick to put your neocon spin on them. Its the ‘libruls’ fault soldiers shoot anything that moves..But of COURSE it is SteveIL. 

    Don ’t let the facts get in the way of your attack on us dirty ‘libruls’..o h hell no.

    Let the neocons continue attacking us for putting out the information and stating our pov about them. Its all you guys are good for. We realize that.

    Its all you guys got left. LOL. 

  19. Hey SteveIL- I didn’t make the video…I didn’t make up any quote’s…I’m not the guy pretending that this is all fine and dandy either.
    I’m just the guy bringing it to everyone’s attention here. If you don’t like what the troops are saying take it up with them. If you support this kind of behavior you are no better than the ‘moderate muslim’ who does not denounce Islamic terrorism.
    You don’t get it. You never will.

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