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Brilliant Post: The Mail Box Of The King Of The Wahaboobies

Contrary to popular belief, we at Team BIO don’t have a corner on great posts. Neil Shakespeare sometimes hits the nail on the head, visually and literally. Today is just the case.
Pop on over.Enjoy.

Republican Perversion

Found an interesting article in the LA Times the other day. Here’s a slice:
When a group of 50 high school students visiting the White House in June handed President Bush a letter urging him to stop the torture of suspected terrorists, the president took their letter, read it, then told the students that “the […]

I Thought The President Didn’t Believe In Setting “Artificial Deadlines:” Isn’t 15 Sept. Just Such A Thing?

With the stink members of the W, Rove and Co have been unilaterally making about the nature of setting “artificial” deadlines for departure of troops in Iraq, you would think they wouldn’t set some of there own. But alas, it looks to me like 15 September is some kind of political ruse, no?
Unscripted, […]

Fear Again and Fear More

Crawling through the jungle in Southeast Asia might heighten your senses. Knowing that besides the poison offered by nature there are also dangers in the form of a human enemy moving with stealth through the jungle piques the senses even higher. The heightened sensitivity of ones senses in these circumstance s is due to the […]

Democracy Be Damned: Rampant Corruption In Iraq

I understand the desire to be optimistic about the situation in Iraq but when each day brings a new scandal, a new article detailing the growing obstacles, or a call for more time to achieve our objectives, I simply cannot muster a smile. Frankly, if it weren’t such a serious situation, it would be laughable. […]

P.S. I Thought Rumsfeld Resigned?

In case you were wondering who is really running the Global War On Terror and thought Rummy was pushed out the door as his resignation would indicate, do note the following. At today’s function with the Big Dick Cheney presiding, Rummy was sitting there in an official capacity.
So, in the face of an organization […]

Draft The College Republicans First

A friend of mine pointed me to this fun little youtube video clip. Enjoy:

Incidentally  , on another post over at TPM, also pointed out to me by the same friend, one person was suggesting that if the republicans are intimidated by and afraid of some one doing a little youtube video, how are they ever […]

So You Want Fast, Do Ya?

Hey BIOphytes, word on the street is you like it fast. Naturally, since we love you guys, if it’s fast you want, it’s fast you get. The BIOsphere is upgrading to a dedicated server. This means no more annoying CPU notices, the page WILL be found, and comments won’t disappear into thin air. Grrr. That […]

Is “Liberty” The Antidote to Terrorism?

The rhetorical battle for the hearts and minds of a people separated from America by half the globe is hard to win. This doesn’t stop the W and his crack team of propagandist s to pen the following - another rehashing of history from the W, Rove and Co perspective:
And the reason I tell […]

Panel calls for massive changes in V.A. medical care

We will get to Bush’s reaction later, but first..what presidential commission had to say in it’s 29-page report:
The Commission’s recommendati ons focused on six key areas: